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Our extensive experience in the development of electronic solutions and our industrial capacity allows us to respond to the needs of companies in a wide range of sectors.

Our commitment is to offer the best services to meet the standards of the different industries and the quality requirements of their products.

Our experience supports us

In an increasingly interconnected world, telecommunications are of a strategic nature. Teltronic brings more than 45 years of experience in the sector, being able to offer the highest quality in the manufacturing, assembly and testing processes to meet the demanding requirements of the sector.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things is creating a new paradigm in which all areas of life will have an extraordinary capacity to generate value. Responding to such requirements requires experience, technological capacity and a mature manufacturing and supply chain, with the capacity to offer a global solution: product development, materials procurement, manufacturing, testing and final delivery.

In the field of electro-medicine, precision and smooth operation are indispensable. Teltronic has been equipping emergency services with its communication equipment for years, and knows that reliability is one of the most demanding requirements in the sector. That is why our solutions offer all the guarantees to facilitate the work of healthcare personnel.

Household equipment has evolved enormously in recent years, with more and more electronic components for its operation and management. Teltronic has the capacity to manufacture the control systems for these household appliances, providing the durability and safety that consumers demand today.

New technical developments have led to disruptive changes in the automotive industry, always geared towards a greater commitment to safety and reliability. Our quality control and quality assurance procedures fit perfectly with the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

Lifts and elevator systems have undergone a notable evolution. Adaptation to new regulations and the need to incorporate ever greater safety have led to the demand for more complex electronic systems that respond to the new reality of the sector.

Whether at professional or user level, today’s audio and lighting equipment demands the highest quality standards. Technological development and the emergence of the digital world have led to new functionalities and capabilities that demand the most precise control systems.

We are immersed in a process of transformation in the energy production process, with a strong commitment to renewable sources. Teltronic puts its resources and experience at the disposal of those companies that manufacture components for wind, solar thermal or photovoltaic electricity generation.

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